Everyone's talking about cake decorating business, right? We all know that every man and his dog are starting cake businesses. But what almost no one understands about cake decorating business is the "business" side of things.

It's not going to a cake decorating school that helps you make consistent income decorating and selling cakes, it's combining your passion for cake decorating with proven money-making strategies. And that can happen even if you are doing everything IN the business yourself, as long as you're also willing to build a team around you so you can start working more ON the business. 

Enter: Icing World Cake Business School ... the first of its kind ”school” that actually shows you proven ways of making money doing what you love … and it doesn’t even cost an arm and a leg!

With Icing World Cake Business School, you'll learn...

  • HOW to become a better cake decorator and business owner (that's basic, right?).
  • HOW to make consistent income, so you can live the life you know you deserve
  • HOW to build that awesome website that converts visitors (you’re a cake decorator, not a computer nerd!)
  • HOW to outsell & beat the competition 
  • HOW to start a cake decorating business - the nitty gritty, the boring legal stuff, the "how to's."
  • HOW to get that ridiculous WORK / LIFE Balance (it must be a pipe dream, right?).
  • HOW to grow your cake decorating business into the raving success that you know it should be.
  • HOW to survive (& thrive)
  • HOW to love this cake decorating business (again) as it’s been sucking you dry for too long!

There's something for everyone, so whether you're a complete beginner, want to learn more skills or are already running a cake business, get this show on the road, make tons of money and show all the naysayers who told you it can’t be done!

This is definitely for you if...

  • You have not yet started a cake decorating business or are just starting or have been in business for years but your cake decorating business isn't growing.
  • You are not confident in pricing your cakes (cupcakes, cake pops, celebration cakes)
  • Don't know what your profit margins are (not sure what that even is) and never have any money in your account
  • Struggle to get customers to book at your prices and are always discounting

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